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Current Inspirlink Modules: (Module Screenshots)

The Page Manager is the most powerful part of Inspirlink. In the Page Manager you will add and edit the content of your pages, insert modules and manage your assets such as images, documents, movies, flash files, etc.  The Page Manager is based around a WYSIWYG editor which makes your job as easy as cut and paste!  (more info...)
Keeping your news and event notices current is important for any website.  The News / Events Manager allows you to set up your event in advance and allows the system to display the content at the appropriate time, as well as remove the content from your site when the event has past.  (more info...)
You may want to make various PDF files, Word Documents, Zip files, etc. available to your viewers.  The Document Manager allows you to categorize your documents so they only display on the appropriate pages and at the appropriate dates.
One nuisance of the web and e-mail is SPAM!  These addresses are often harvested by programs which search websites for e-mail addresses.  For this reason, Inspirlink does not require you to ever publish e-mail addresses online.  Rather, addresses are stored on the database and web-based forms are automatically created for your viewers to use for sending messages to your account. 
Small groups have become essential to many ministries.  The Small Group Manager allows you to organize your small groups and publish to your site the various times and locations of different groups in  your congregation.
Not everyone can make every live event so audio streaming is a nice feature to have available to your viewers.  Our Streaming Manager categorizes your audio streams and even archives the old ones to keep things in order.  Simply upload your MP3 or WMA file and our media streaming server will be ready to broadcast your audio on the web.
Keeping your viewers up to date is incredibly important and often things change between published paper calendars.  By using our online Calendaring system, users are able to query for special types of events, print calendars and even download events to their own personal calendaring software.
A popular way of using the web is to publish event photos online.  The Photo Album component allows you to create folders to hold your images and even display automatic slide shows!  Simply upload your full size photos to the site and let the program create the thumbnails for you.  Also, allow your visitors to rank your photos and even send photo e-cards to friends!
The Membership Module allows your members to maintain their own profiles, receive special pages and documents from you, subscribe to newsletters, maintain their volunteer gifts profile and much more! 
A part of the membership module is the Volunteer Module. Once members have created their volunteer gift profile, administrators can search for members based on their gifts, and even publish events which will only appear to members with the appropriate gift mix! 
The Bible Study module allows you to enter all your current Bible studies, categorize them into groups, and make sure they're displayed on the appropriate pages.  Like the News / Events manager, adding a start date and end date to a particular study makes sure your content is always up-to-date.
Not only does the Wedding Module help your staff organize all the details about a wedding at your church, but it also allows you to provide an online RSVP service for the bride and groom!  Simply enter their web address and visitors will be prompted with a form which will allow them to RSVP to the wedding online!
Most websites have Guest Books where your viewers can make comments, etc. and Inspirlink provides the same.  One important feature with this Guest Book is that the entries made to the site must be approved by your staff.  This insures the integrity of the Guest Book entries.

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