Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the benefit of Inspirlink over our normal web-editing software?

For starters, Inspirlink is web-based so you do not need to install special software on your computer.  This means, that you, or anyone else you designate, can update the website Anytime, Anywhere!  This may include from your laptop, at home, at an internet hot spot, or even from an online kiosk.  Because you are only editing the page content, there are no worries of someone messing up your page design.  Also, avoid "out of sync" files between your "local and remote" sites because all content is stored in one online location.


What are the requirements to run Inspirlink?

The only current requirements for Inspirlink are an internet connection. Our system is supported by Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Mozilla.


Does this alienate my current webmaster or volunteer?

Not at all!  Your current webmaster or volunteers can still be granted access to the Inspirlink administration and can carry on their administrative tasks. A huge advantage of Inspirlink is that many people can work on your site, thus taking a work load off your volunteers, but still allowing them to do important editing tasks.


Can I host an Inspirlink site on my own server?

One of the greatest assets of using Inspirlink is that the latest and greatest features and enhancements are made to your site automatically!  This is done by our programming team at no additional cost to you.  For this reason, Inspirlink has been developed to run on Inspirmedia's servers and not as a distributed application.  However, in certain circumstances, Inspirmedia has licensed the Inspirlink product for installation on other servers, but this is a completely separate licensing contract that must be negotiated between the client and Inspirmedia.

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