Welcome to the InspirLink Content Management System!

What is InspirLink?  Inspirlink is the most powerful and flexible system for managing not only your Internet website, but also many internal or "Extranet" functions.

InspirLink is a product of Inspirmedia.  Inspirmedia works with it's clients to understand their needs and program accordingly.  InspirLink has been designed in the same manner. 

The modules we have available have been programmed to be as flexible and powerful as possible.  If our clients need custom modules programmed, we have designed a system which makes this possible.



What is a module?  A module is a component of the InspirLink system which aids you in organizing your content.  We have many modules we have developed to meet the most common needs of our customers.  An advantage of Inspirlink is that custom modules can easily be seemlessly integrated into your current site design.  View a list of our current modules..

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