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Inspirlink Case Study

Springfield Lutheran School
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Springfield, Missouri
Site History:
Redeemer and Springfield Lutheran School previously had a traditional "static" site which was updated by a few different people on the staff using Microsoft Front Page.  The problem was that the site didn't look that good, continuity of design was a problem, and not everyone had the tools or knew how to update the site.
The Move to Inspirlink:
Before choosing Inspirlink, Technology Director Josh Wanner was asked to get multiple quotes for the site production.  He recalls: "What we have with Inspirlink would have cost us $63,000 with a local company here in Springfield. The proposal from the other company was very unclear on what exactly they offered. They were vague on how they functioned. "  Inspirlink was able to design their site for less than $3000 and have it ready in only one week.
Favorite Inspirlink Feature:
Site Online:
Feel free to visit Redeemer / Springfield Lutheran at the following addresses:
Springfield Lutheran:

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