It's been hot around Inspirlink as well. Since our last newsletter (Last January) a lot has been going on. Inspirmedia has conducted 6 more Inspirlink seminars in Saginaw MI, Frankenmuth MI, Detroit MI, Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, and St. Louis MO. In addition, there were Inspirlink exhibits at both LEA in Indianapolis and the National Lutheran Youth Workers Conference in Nashville. Inspirmedia led well received web development workshops at both conferences. Needless to say, things have been busy!
We'd like to thank Josh Wanner from Springfield Lutheran School, Springfield, MO. for donating his time to come to Nashville and help promote Inspirlink.  Josh gets the "Client of the Quarter" award.
Some of our more recent projects include:
We have been working hard to develop sites for many new clients, which included custom modules.  For example, the St. Paul Institute for Education site required an online registration feature for the listing of and paying for classes.  In addition, the LCMS National Youth Gathering website is also including the development of new features for Logo Downloads, Pod Casting, etc.
But don't think for even a moment that we've forgotten about making new feature enhancements!
Here's a list of some of the new improvements to Inspirlink:
In an effort to make your page editing faster, we've added a new Popular Pages feature which pops up when you first enter "Mange Pages".  Every time you edit a page, the page count is increased and this new panel will show the top 10 most edited pages.  This feature lists pages on a "per user" basis.
You can now password protect pages on a "per page" basis.  However, you can create an entirely secure area of your website by adding the EXACT same password to all the pages.  Once a user enters the password, it will "stick" for all subsequent pages.
Every site now has a "Blank Page" template which allows you to create a new page void of your template.  This is great for placing notes, newsletters, etc.  When editing, make sure to hit the "full page" button in the editor so you can see the entire page.
This is a long overdue enhancement.  Users can now select the Profile button in the top toolbar and edit their personal profile and password.
We've added three new icons in the page listing.  These are designed to make you work faster.  These buttons allows you to edit page properties, preview the page, and open the page directly in edit mode.  Using these buttons should significantly increase editing speed as they cut out significant mouse clicks.
This is probably one of the most powerful portions of Inspirlink.  This module is included in the Membership Management package and allows you to connect users with opportunities to serve.  If you have an opportunity for which you are seeking participants or volunteers, you can now add that opportunity and select any number of personal attributes.  When a user logs into the website, they will be presented with a list of opportunities that match their volunteer profile.  No more searching through your entire website for an opportunity to serve!  A definite must as you use your website to better connect with your people!
The new poll manager allows you to easily conduct online polls.  The manager consists of a questions and unlimited multiple choice answers.  You can use one of your available page module holders to select a specific poll to display.  Once users have completed a poll, they are presented with a graphical chart of results.
After writing this newsletter, I decided to add one more quick feature, that will hopefully save you some time.  After you log into your admin, click the "Homepage" button on the top tool bar to browse your website.  On every page (usually on the bottom) you will now see a little icon  for editing the page.  Click the icon, and as long as you're still logged in, you will go straight into edit mode.
 As always we thank you for your support of Inspirlink and Inspirmedia Ministries.  May God continue to bless you in all you do!
In His Ministry,
Phil Grimpo
Executive Director
Inspirmedia Ministries

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