Creating a Streaming iPOD using Menu Builder

I set out to make a streaming iPOD for sermons and songs on the site. I wanted to do this using all Inspirlink components that are available to all users. I decided to use one of my asset folders as a container for all the files.
To start, I purchased the WimpyMP3 Player from This is an excellent component because it will easily index all your files and set them up in folders in the flash component.
I uploaded these files into my assets. I then created a file called inc_iPODPlayer.asp because I wanted to use the player for two different things and found myself making alot of configuration changes to the Flash call for the player. This way, I could make the changes in one place, and they would update wherever the component was used.
The inc_iPODPlayer.asp file simply includes the Wimpy code which is created using a configuration tool on their website.
After creating this file, I simply used the menu builder to create a title and put in my include statement to include the player. Because menus are actual ASP files, any type of ASP commands will run within them (please consult your Inspirlink Support Representative before you write extensive ASP scripts, etc.)
I added some Javascript to open another file in a smaller window so people could listen while browsing and also added an RSS button which I found instructions for on the Wimpy website. This allows people to receive PodCasts of our sermons to their desktop! It really works slick.
The next step was to encode my MP3 files. I used dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC) as it's a simple little tool, but any convertor you have would do.
I then simply uploaded the MP3 files into sub folders under my "iPOD" folder and I've got an online streaming player!

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