Inspirlink Case Study

Lutherhaven Ministries
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Site History:
Lutherhaven's first website was administered by a webmaster who moved to England.  Making phone calls was too expensive so the site never got updated.  The next step for Lutherhaven was a site administered by the Executive Director using Macromedia Contribute.  Because of their rural location, the camp had satellite internet and the connection wasn't reliable enough to keep the connection and updating the site got very frustrating.
The Move to Inspirlink:
Inspirlink was the first solution Lutherhaven looked into when ready to make a switch. "We wish we'd hit on Inspirlink. Bummer." says Bob Baker, Executive Director of Lutherhaven Ministries.  He likes the easy interface Inspirlink uses and is now working with his staff to encourage consistancy as they design pages.  Lutherhaven took only one week to convert all their pages from their old site to the new site.
Favorite Inspirlink Feature:
"Ease of use. Support. Constant and speedy upgrades and tweaking at my suggestion" responds Mr. Baker.
Site Online:
Feel free to visit Lutherhaven Ministries at

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